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Floral prints were made for Spring

As Winter starts to fade we get excited for all of the fun prints and bright colors of Spring fashion to start rolling in the door. The Spring sunshine and warm temps have graced us earlier than normal and we couldn’t be more happy! The best Spring trend we see each year is FLORAL. Now, we know what you might be thinking... and we do not mean your grandma’s old davenport print or even that bizarre wild tropical floral print of the 80’s. We are talking about the brights and coral tones in a flirty off the shoulder floral dress or the eye catching mini floral design on an adorable fabric backpack. 

Our number one selling wardrobe piece in the warm season is dresses. We always have a rack packed (too full at times) with amazing printed dresses. Stripes are a close second and cold shoulder tops are still very popular!

Our store inventory changes daily so make sure to check our website or storefront shop for your next floral fashion must-have.


Enjoy the Sunshine, M.E.


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